Real estate markets don’t often sit idle – there is always movement, be it up or down as demand and supply alter, external market influences such as interest rates and changes to government leadership or changing nearby infrastructure.

The value of your property will be different to what it was when you purchased it and what it was last year.  If you’ve made improvements to enhance your lifestyle – these could have added real value.  If you’ve been considering making some changes to your property – it could be beneficial to understand the cost benefit of these, prior to commencing to allow you make financially wise decisions.

An appraisal or market price assessment is fast and free.  We recommend booking an appraisal annually to keep aware of your property’s changing value – if nothing else it can help you determine if the property is over or under-insured.

At a market price assessment, one of our team will meet with you at your property and request a tour to view all spaces, inside and out.  They will discuss and assess any completed alterations or improvements and your plans for any additional ones if you have them.

They will then prepare a detailed report assessing your property to comparable properties within a small radius of your property and provide you the latest available suburb data as well.

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